A photo of Shelley Portet, Trustee at enei

Shelley Portet

Managing Partner, The Brooklyn Brothers

More about Shelley

Shelley Portet is Managing Partner at The Brooklyn Brothers and is an award-winning marketing and communications leader with specialist expertise in earned and social. Shelley started her career as a journalist for CBSi before moving into the burgeoning field of social media. She has worked across some of the most globally recognisable brands throughout her career, including adidas, YouTube, Jaguar Land Rover, Red Bull, McDonald’s, and GoPro. Shelley strongly believes that people’s different lived experiences allow them to have a unique point of view on the world, and it’s this diversity of thought that organisations need if they’re to survive. Shelley has previously volunteered as a mentor for The Girls Network and now is partnering with the Carers Trust to provide training and support for young carers.