Attracting Diverse Talent

This session featured Organisational Anthropologist Sue Liburd.

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Highlights and takeaways

This session focussed on the following topics: 

  • Attracting the right talent by improving the recruitment experience, with insights into the impact of the Great Resignation. 
  • The benefits of retaining talent. 
  • The potential of workforce data in driving purposeful and impactful hiring processes. 
  • Sue Liburd shared insights and experiences on creating unique workplace cultures and retain talent. 
  • Best practice on how to bring together varied voices, experiences, and ideas to create an environment that truly reflects our diverse society.

Who might benefit from viewing the recording of this event?

DEI Practitioners, HR Professionals, Organisational or Department Leaders and Line Managers. 

Who was the guest speaker?

Sue Liburd, Organisational Anthropologist.

Headshot of Sue Liburd, guest speaker

Sue is an organisational anthropologist who specialises in studying the economic, social, and environmental well-being of individuals within organisational ecosystems. With a focus on fresh thinking and new perspectives, Sue utilises her expertise to shape the cultures of complex organisations in a rapidly changing world.

Sue is dedicated to helping leaders make informed decisions to create positive change within their organisations. By taking an active leadership role in building a better world, Sue believes that businesses can thrive, communities can prosper, and societal problems can be solved.

With a deep understanding of human behaviour and organisational dynamics, Sue is committed to using her expertise to help organisations create sustainable and impactful practices. Her work has the power to influence the future of business and society as a whole.


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This event was presented by Organisational Anthropologist Sue Liburd. The session was moderated by enei Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Emma Jennings, and was conducted on 15 August 2023.

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